Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drawing a blank... Fanart?

Maybe it's because I just came back from a sleepover and am half-asleep. Maybe it's because after 161 posts I'm running out of stuff to say. So, Howl and Sophie. Them book characters I can't shut up about? I'm gonna shove some fanart in your face now. Howl is like, the fastest path to self-actualization. Sophie was a wimp. And then she became a witch, got married, had a baby, and suddenly she starts telling people what to do, being fierce and bossy. And she's a terrible mother too, which is funny. And Howl is a terrible dad. Poor Morgan, spoiled little child. Anyway.
(Can you tell I got three hours of sleep last night?)

Castle in the Air art, so beautiful and watercolory.

This one is completely amazing. And is Morgan wearing a cat suit? Lol, lol.

This is really movie!verse, but whatever.


Beautiful. Amazing. Etc.

I posted this already, but it's awesome. Also, Lettie and Martha!!

I dislike the huge amount of movie!verse fanart out there, but this one is worth looking at.

Here, have a BONUS Charmian and Peter! Huzzah!

(Remember, full-viewing images is awesome. Do it.)
This is normally where I'd make a comment about Fringe or the X-Files, but I'm not going to.

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Brittany Ann said...

Emmy Cicierega did a cute Howl/Sophie was movie!verse, but it was Emmy so it was good.