Saturday, January 23, 2010

And I Guess If I Had To, I'd Raid Corinne's Too

I blogged, read my morning spoilers, checked facebook, and made coffee, like it was any other morning, except I didn't sleep last night. At all. Help.
Anyway, Corinne's style is so calm, elegant and soothing, just like her music. Her music, her fashion sense, her "universe" is the closest I've ever found to that dream world in my head. And also, she has the hair I always longed for.

I'm so glad she's coming out with a second cd.

Watch this.
It's 8am. I need sleep. Soo badly.


Brittany Ann said...

Love the outfits. And sadly, very sadly, you will never have that hair.

Sabe said...

Lol, thank you for that. I think if I wish long and hard enough... it might just happen?