Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Statues, thee I love.

I love marble statues. There isn't any other art form like them. These are some of my favorites from my favorite museums.

Aphrodite and Eros in the American Wing of the Brooklyn Museum.

One of the fates or something or another, in front to the same museum.

The Blind Girl of Pompeii, American Wing of the Met. I love Neo-Classicism.

Pandora, Greek wing.

Artemis obviously, coolest goddess ever. American Garden.

Achilles and Aphrodite. European 18th Century Decorative Arts.

I have no idea who they are. I can never figure it out. But they're awesome.

Mulder and Scully are still beautiful. Even when dying. "I won't accept this!"
And he has her eggs in his freezer or something. Oh show, you're so bizarre.
I want to watch a Carey Grant movie or something. I miss his face.
It's freaking January 12th and I still don't have my flipping PSAT scores. Frak. I took the test in November.
I have a suspicious rash on my neck. Diagnosis anyone?


Anonymous said...

I feel so honored that you used my picture! I think it is one of my favorite pieces.
Ryan hasnt gotten his PSAT score either. Sorry darling.
BTW, I love how you curse in Sci-Fi language. Ryan and i have a whole list of "curse" words. son of a banshee is my personal fave.

Sabe said...

Gorram from Firefly is a personal favorite of mine.
And Farscape has the best- frell, dren, hezmana!

Brittany Ann said...

Beautiful statues! This is my sister's favorite--if she could, she'd have a huge version installed in our room, I think...

Firefly curses are awesome btw.

Sabe said...

All that Chinese I can't pronounce. Hm. I should go watch some Firefly. I miss it.

Sabe said...

Ohh, and I LOVE that Cupid and Psyche statue! They're my favorite myth. The Met has a plaster cast of it... which I'll have to make do with, cause I doubt I'll ever get to see the original.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of starting to watch Firefly. I LOVE the movie and the few eps your mom showed me.

Sabe said...

Well, it'll only take you like a week to watch.

Anonymous said...

she could be Goddess Venus/Aphrodite