Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Light Up.

Clever, weird, kinda pretty lamps.

It looks pretty old and awesome.

This one is amazing obviously. Cattle mutilations!

This one doesn't make much sense, but it reminds me of Home Depot.

Art Deco lamp! I want one of these so badly.

For you Meagan! :)

Cofffeee lamp! I could buy this on Etsy for an absurd quantity of cash...

I just want to finish Fire and Hemlock, but school keeps getting in the way. And now
I just got called into work. Woop de-do.
On a happy note, Hello Dolly! is coming from Netflix, can't wait!


vintagegurl92 said...

LOVE the bone and UFO lamp. And the tassel on the coffee lamp are cool.
Have you seen Hello Dolly before?

Brittany Ann said...

That Art Deco lamp is too lovely. Wahh. I like the weird first one too..kind of badass and awesome.

And OHH Fire & Hemlock!! You should blog about it when you finish.

Sabe said...

Brit- Fire and Hemlock is sooo good!! OMG!

Meg- I haven't seen Hello Dolly! yet. We've wanted to since we saw Wall-E like two years ago... and then I found out Gene Kelly, who I've been having a torrid mental affair with for the past month, directed it, so I decided it was pretty critical that we see it.