Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movies in '10

There are quite a few movies I am looking forward to this year.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Long title, huh? From what I've seen of it so far, apart from Annabeth's unfortunate hair, it looks pretty darn close to the books! My only qualm? If they make all 5, Percy's gonna be like 30 by then.

Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton, at it again. I know a lot of people think this movie looks stupid/a disgrace to the book/etc, but I can't wait! Johnny Depp will make an awesome Hatter obviously, and the art direction and customs and stuff are amazing.

Toy Story 3. This looks seriously depressing and stuff, but it's Pixar, which is known for being seriously depressing, and then scraping together happy endings. Buzz is awesome.

Deathly Hallows Part 1. Duh. Who isn't anticipating this? It's going to be EPIC, no matter what they change. I think I might be looking forward to Bill and Fleur's wedding the most. I can't believe we only have two movies left.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I was beginning to think that this movie was some sort of elaborate hoax. But. Supposedly it's coming out this year! Sure I was disappointing in the last movie, but Treader is my favorite book, so I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.

Rapunzel. I'm not so sure about how good this is going to be, I've only seen one promo image and there isn't a trailer, but I always love Disney Princess movies, even if Rapunzel isn't going to be "official."

Yawn. Remind me to never stay up past midnight reading exciting new books on a school night. My head is killing me. But it was worth it cause Castle in the Air was kickass! Is poor Prince Justin ever going to be able to stay Prince Justin? And Abdullah and Flower-in-the-Night were (almost) as awesome as Howl and Soph.


Anonymous said...

I also cant wait for Alice. I am going to watch it just for Johnny Depp!
HARRY POTTER WILL BE AWESOME!!!! *hem-hem* sorry. Uber excited :D
I didnt even know that they were filming Treader. I hope it is good.

Sabe said...

yeah, i didn't know they were making treader either until like a week ago!