Monday, January 4, 2010

Olive, a color up for interpretation

Have you ever noticed how drastically varied the color "olive green" can be? So here is my own color theme from Etsy.

I want this. I've always wanted an article of clothing with a big ol' print-screen animal on it.

I'm not sure if soap like this works or not, but it's pretty, no?

I um, need to learn how to knit. Also I want her hair.

I had a necklace like this from the Museum of Natural History, but I lost it.

This isn't exactly warm... but very pretty. And again, I need to learn how to knit.

I want a bag like this soo badly! But they are wicked expensive.


More freaky-deaky soap. But I bet it smells AWESOME.

I love pretty pillows. But I don't have any, cause our bedroom is basically a library/office with a bed in the corner and isn't decorated.

The end.
Civil War =/= Stupidest War Ever. Learning about it in incredible detail is driving me nuts.

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