Friday, January 15, 2010

One day, I swear.

This is embarrassing to admit. I have never been out of the country. Not even Canada. I haven't even been to California. I'm almost 17 and I'm the only person I know who's been confined to the original 13 colonies her whole life. It's not that I want to go big cities. I live in a big city. I'm so very tired of big cities, I just want some nature.

Scotland. I'd honestly rather go here then England. It's rockier and more dramatic, and their accents are cooler. I want to see the mountain and the country-side and stay in a town no one has ever heard of and take gloomy walks every morning before breakfast.

Athens. Athena is my favorite goddess, first of all. Also I've wanted to go there ever since I first studied ancient history when I was in kindergarten. One of my best friends is there right now. You can imagine my jealousy?

Tibet. Another place I've wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. I don't want to go to a certain city or anything, but I want to just see the mountains and the villages and the great big sky and feel very pagan.

Monte Carlo. I sounds so gaudy and amazing. Also in two of my three all-time-favorite-books-ever (Rebecca, The House of Mirth) they go to Monte Carlo. But other South-of-France cities like Nice and Marseille would be fine. I have no interest in Paris however. I just want to see water.

Galapagos Islands. Oh Lord, do I want to see them. They're exotic, terrifying, and so deserted. I want to feel like I'm on the other side of the world, so far away from civilization, from humanity. I want to be as alone as possible, and they seem like a good place to be alone.

Vancouver. If Vancouver is half, nay a quarter, as beautiful and misty as it looks in Fringe, the X-Files, Twilight and Smallville, then I want to go. It seems to have everything. The waterfront looks especially magnificent and there is so much gloomy forest and so many small towns and so much charm.

Perth. Australia is somewhere where I need to go. Perth seems like the perfect place. It's a little city, alone on the west coast, with a river running through it, close to the ocean, and just so beautiful looking. And it has an awesome skyline.

Now I feel like a miserable, lonely, pathetic, do-nothing.
1. My father is turning into House. He is limping around, tapping his forehead with his cane and taking veocine. No, seriously.
2. Pendrell died last night. On Scully's birthday. Which she couldn't even celebrate properly. But Mulder bought her cool a key chain, because it was cool, not because it was a symbol of their great journey together through life or anything.


Mishi said...

All of these places are amazing, and are in my top list. Mine would include Petersburg, Russia and maybe japan/korea. I would like to see them during spring, it should be peaceful.
P.S. I figured out how to comment lol

Sabe said...

Huzzah! I'd also adore to see St Petersburg, oh gosh...

Anonymous said...

Great choices. If you need a traveling partner, just call!
BTW, my family and i started watching house and come to a realization that if my father was a doctor, he would be just like him.

Cookster said...

Ha, all these amazing places and in the mix is my little city of Perth - one of only two states in Australia without daylight saving.

It was 43 degrees centigrade here yesterday and today is looking just as bad. It'd be fine if I could escape to one of our many fine beaches, but no, I'm stuck behind a desk writing a PR plan for 2010 :(

If you want to know a bit more about Perth, check out my blog - there are some cool links to other Perth sites as well.

BTW - that photo of the city looks about 25 years old, lol... we don't like change around here, but even this lil' ol city has transformed a bit in that time! :)