Thursday, July 1, 2010

Favorites meme

Favorites meme from Tumblr! It's long, but I like it, so whatever.

T.V. show - X-Files. It has mythos and aliens and religion and science, but also vamps and zombies and cults and Mexican goat suckers. That plus A+ character development, heartbreaking deaths, phenomenal acting, lovable side characters and an unforgettable, unparalleled romance that gets its happy ending despite the looming end of the world? Flawless.

Book - Rebecca, The House of Mirth and Downright Dencey all tie for first. One is full of hope, one is about compromise, and one is just downright miserable. Nice balance. All written within like 15 years of each other though, lol.

Movie - Serenity. The little movie that could.

Color - Green, it's always been always will be. More than blue, I feel like it's the color that really represents nature and the earth.

Actor - Garret Dillahunt for pure acting talent. I am going to stalk him down and glomp him.

Actress - Carey Mulligan. I've been tracking this goddess' career for about three years now, I was overjoyed with the success of An Education for her sake.

Ice cream flavor - Mint Chip, so good I feel like a string of curse words needs to follow.

Drink - Lime Seltzer. It's my go-to beverage.

Animal - Snow leopards, hands down. Also my patronus, if you were wondering.

Band - Coldplay. (The Killers are a close second.) I basically like everything by Coldplay though, so I think that means they are automatically number one.

Singer - Regina Spektor, bless her soul. There is not a single song of hers I do not love with a deep and personally love.

Food - None other than steak. Good medium steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli and a coke. Parasitical.

Disney character - Cobra Bubbles. "Aliens are attacking my house."

Girl name - Penelope. It's a lovely name, and I also feel like it's a name with something important behind it, it means a lot. And I like that.

Boy name - William, an Anglo-Saxon name meaning strong willed warrior. Although I've been leaning towards Roranicus as of late, wink wink.

Happy Canada Day! Watch some season Vancouver X-Files! Listen to some Bieber! Read some Kate Beaton! Make maple flavored things! Celebrate!
Also this song is flawless and you need to love it: "T"


guitargirl said...

"Did you ever kill anyone?"

"We're getting off the subject."

Brittany Ann said...

Stealing this mene for my blog...

Yay Cobra Bubbles... XD Ohh penelope & William are lovely names...why don't more people use those (instead of naming their kids Joshua or Abigail)??

Anonymous said...

Totally stealing this for my blog!
Great choices...I guessed all your answers even before I read it :D I know you too well <3!