Monday, July 12, 2010

If I Was Really Rich

I'd shop (more often) at these places.

Trader Joes. Like Wholefoods, but better. I think it is more sincere. And it's soo yummy. And it has tons of Indian spices to make Indian food with which I plan on living on as an adult.

Banana Republic. As an adult I plan on wearing two types of outfits. Cargo pants with fandom tees around the house and pants suits when I'm out. Because I'm boring. Banana Republic has all my favorite slacks, cardigans, blouses, etc.

Cafe Press. So I can buy all the fandom tees for slacking off at home.

West Elm. For all my interior decor needs. Because it basically personifies my style flawlessly. Maybe I'd mix in some Ikea and Brocade Home. But it'd mostly be West Elm.

Bouchon Bakery. I had the money to eat here once. If I was rich I'd eat here every freaking day because the food is heaven.

Museum Gift shops. So I can buy glorious and exquisite jewelry, clothes, housewares and decor. Like what about a $700 marble miniature Artemis statue replicate?

I had grand plans today of treating myself to a passion fruit Shakin' Iced Tea after work and buying some new tank tops and dress pants. But I got my period. So instead when I got home from work I fell into bed with hot chocolate. And I re-watched Requiem and got very blubbery. Oh, hormones.

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