Thursday, July 22, 2010


The artists I have seen in concert, not counting opening bands who I do not remember very well because I was not exactly paying attention to. Maybe one day I will see someone famous in concert. Somehow I doubt it. Famous people = MONEY.

Point of Grace. Ages and ages ago, so long ago I can hardly remember, I think I was still 10. But I liked it.

Casting Crowns. This was a lot of fun, I think I was 12, my aunt and uncle brought me.

Nichole Nordeman. She preformed at the Casting Crowns concert. She was absolutely breath-takingly awesome.

Relient K. Twice, both times were epic joy-filled days which were followed by six-week periods of being convinced I was going to marry Matt Thiessen.

Switchfoot. Twice, both times were epic. The second time in 2008 we bought his folk eps which, I think it's safe to say, have been some of the most influential music in my life.

Lucy Wainwright Roche. My whole family went to see her at Joe's Pub. I had amazing food and she has such a lovely voice live.

Harry and the Potters. This counts. It was also one of the happiest days of my life. Harry Potter fans are the sweetest, kindest most gracious and loving people I've ever met.

Eisley. Three times, three consecutive years. This year they are not coming back and I am at a loss.

Say Anything. This was the funnest concert ever. Safe and tucked away from the standing-room-only maniacs we got to enjoy all the adrenalin and excitement, but I never broke a sweat and I had an amazing dessert.

Norah Jones. In Prospect Park, this summer. IN THE POURING RAIN OUTDOORS. But worth every single second. Her voice live is like nothing I've ever heard before.

I feel as if I am forgetting one. A rather important one. I'll get back to when I remember.
So, I've been disciplining myself and making myself write a little every few days. I am not improving. I have also heard that being an avid reader makes you a better writer. This is a lie. Otherwise I'd write like Fitzgerald.


guitargirl said...

My mom has seen Casting Crowns and Nichole Nordeman. I wouldn't mind seeing Relient K or Switchfoot, they seem very energetic. I have a friend right now who's in Washington at Creation West Coast who's probably watching Switchfoot jump around right now. Rats. I also want to see Collective Soul or The Wallflowers before I die, but seeing as how The Wallflowers are no longer a band, well. *sniff*

Ahaha. Harry and the Potters. I'm not a HP fan myself, but I agree with you on them being nice. :) Some day I want to start a band and call it The Spooky Mulders and all the guys would have to wear suits and ties and all the girls would have to color their hair red. THAT'S how obsessed I am.

Very cool post. Perhaps someday I shall make a list of people I have seen live. :)

Sabe said...

I can't play any instruments, I'm not a terribly good singer and I've never tried song writing...