Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carry Harry with you

For those of us not brave enough to get a Harry tattoo, you can just wear your fandom around your neck! All necklaces are from Etsy. (Also, I'd like to congratulate the HP Alliance for winning the Chase Charity contest! You guys are inspirational and do some amazing things. You deserve the money. ♥)

Fanon is a weird, confusing land full of strange people... If I have learned one thing from the internet it is that.


Brittany Ann said...

I want a Snitch necklace so bad. (I secretly believe I would be a better Ravenclaw Seeker than Cho Chang.)

btw I know you have a Slytherin scarf...I really want a Ravenclaw scarf this fall! Where'd you get yours?

Sabe said...

Their quality is amazing! I've had mine since 2007, I wear it every winter regularly and it's in really good condition, still.
I also have the matching beanie. XD

Mirjam Coeur de Black said...

Hi Sadie,

I´m from Cologne/ Germany... and just wanted to tell you, that the correct translation of "I will believe" is: "Ich will glauben"
You see, there´s an "n". Otherwise it would mean: "I will faith"... but you need the verb (believing is "glauben").

Thank you for your wonderful and mystical blog!!!

Liebe GrĂ¼sse