Monday, July 26, 2010

Color Splash

Color Splash is my favorite design show. David is like a design god and my dream home would be entirely done by him. He is very modern but always elegant, something that modern homes lack. He is not afraid of color, texture and loud patterns. Also he paints everyone original paintings for their roooooms! I want a David painting! Really he is boss.

David is smiley and the most genuinely enthusiastic designer on HGTV.

Look at this amazing thing he painted that I want.

He just stands there like, yeah, imma gonna paint now! In in 3 hours BOOM awesomeness on canvas.

Look at this one room he did with that freaking awesome mural thing.

Look at this other room he did.

A lovely blue room.

A colorsplashed kitchen!

Note the lovely art on the wall.

The never ending flow of spoilers that io9 has had this weekend makes me gleeful. Oh ComicCon, why do you have to be over?
(Listen to this piece of heaven if you want a soothed soul. For Emma, Bon Iver.)

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guitargirl said...

Ooh ahh. Nice blue room. And I like the green mixer.