Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My ~Husbands~

Welcome to a post of self indulgence.
I have seven husbands and I love them all of them with a deep and true love.
Sadly I've got Scully, William, Amy, Deirdre, Ginny, Lily, Albus, James, Aeryn, Deke, Penny and Charlie to get rid before I can HAVE THEM FOR MYSELF... but WHATEVER. They are still my ~husbands~

Fox William Mulder.
Exactly my type, adorable, believes in aliens, sexy, dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, will go to the ends of the earth for me. Emotionally needy. Wears expensive suits.

Harry Potter.
The Chosen One, rich, romantic, passionate, a complete and utter sweetheart, level-headed (except for when he's not). He gets angry easily.

Rory Williams.
Confidant, clever, calm, loyal, brave, 100% lovable, very affectionate . Is a nurse and really cares about people.

Calum Buchanan.
Loves animals, loves the world, is Scottish, and passionate about everything. Obsessed with his work, is hard to understand in a typical Ravenclaw manner.

John Crichton.
He's got soul but he's not a solider. Massive passion, really smart, hysterically funny. He gets sarcastic when mad, which I can identify with. Wears tight black leather.

Desmond David Hume.
Dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, sexy. Also a coward who can't hold down a job, but I am okay with that. Wears unbuttoned shirts.

Riley Pool.
Single, smart, funny, level-headed, determined. Would probably be emotionally unstable, in typical Ravenclaw manner. Insecure. Shops at Urban Outfitters.

I got called into work today all unexpected-like. I read one and a half books while there, it was that slow. Not a single customer between 3 and 4pm. NOT ONE.


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MICHELLE... said...

That was MICHELLE. STUPID Bblogspot

guitargirl said...

Weee! Riley! :D