Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How many hipster does it take to run a Tardis?

Three of course! Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. This series has been amazing. And so gloriously hipster. (Also Matt and Arthur both have girlfriends. My life, ruined.)

Running lines together. Note Arthur and Matt wearing glasses. Note the Ramones tee shirt. Note the coffee cups. Note the British actor wearing an ironic eagle tee.

Where do I even start with this image?

Sunglasses? Yup. Odd facial expressions? Yup. Caffeinated beverages 24/7? Totally.

All good hipster boys have had unfortunate beads at one point in life.

Skinny jeans, leggings and layers that seem unnecessary while walking mildly with your significant other.

High-waisted skirts and sparkles and slightly drunk expressions.

Ironic knitted sweaters are the bomb. As are sad puppy faces.

Amy, is that scarf necessary when you are wearing a mini-skirt? And don't say you were dressed for Rio.

Donnie Phaster is a world-class creep. If I was Mulder and Scully I'd move. I mean, all the creeps know where they live. Look at what happened with Padgett, he moved in next door. If they value their lives, they'd pack up and leave.
I shall exert myself later and go to the gym. I shall not counteract that move by having cake. Go me.


guitargirl said...

Donnie Pfaster seriously freaked me out. Probably the only episode of the X-Files that really bugged me. I would so crap my pants if I saw him.

Herm. I'm guessing these are pictures of Dr. Who? I want to see that show. It looks cute and cool and things.

Sabe said...

Doctor Who! It's such a happy show! Most shows I watch are very serious, even the X-Files is terrible sad at the heart of it. I mean, all their family dies and they loose their baby and the whole world is gonna end and they're the only ones who know... etc.
Doctor Who is ALWAYS optimistic.

Brittany Ann said...

So is this current Doctor Who series better than the last? I'm trying to decide which to watch and so far all I've come up with is that David Tennant is hotter than Matt Smith...but that hasn't helped me decide.

Sabe said...

Honestly, start with series 1 and Chris Eccleston and watch chronologically. Even though the actor changes, a lot of the plots are continuations so I'd start there. The 5th series just ended, but British series' are only 13 episodes so really, it's more like 3 1/2 seasons worth of episodes!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! this is an AMAZING post!!!! I love this team!

Brittany Ann said...

ohhh yeah the first and only time I ever saw Doctor Who, it was with Christopher Eccleston...I liked it...Putting it on my list of things to watch!