Thursday, July 8, 2010

Six Songs

Because I've been listening to some amazing music lately.

Follow Me Down, UNKLE. I think this band saved my life for the time being.

Electric Twist, A Fine Frenzy. She exudes sexy and I like it.

Hurricane Drunk, Florence and the Machine. Despite being depressing, it motivates me.

Johnny Has Gone, Cor Mulder. Scandinavians can be southern too.

The Police and The Private, The Metric. Ugh I am so mad I will miss their concert due to ~German camp.

Perfidia, Glenn Miller. Basically heaven on earth.

This morning was an enigma. I believe I experienced a phenomena in which minutes are actually gained, rather than lost. 8:30 went on for at
least an hour.


Jillian said...

I love A Fine Frenzy.

Pixie Vixen said...

have to ask... are you a Portishead fan?

Sabe said...

I've heard a bunch of their old stuff, and I really like it.
hmm now I shall go investigate their music more. I have a bad habit of loving like three songs by an artist and then never listening to their other stuff, teehee.

Pixie Vixen said...

i always love your music recommendations so i thought maybe i'd try making one. hope you like it!