Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Special Things

So I was wondering which interests and hobbies of mine I love so much that it's hard to connect with someone who doesn't share any of them. You know, those things that are engraved into your soul. My ~special~ things, as my sister call them.

Turn of the century literature. Edith Wharton, Caroline Dale Snedeker, Dodie Smith, Evelyn Waugh, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Goudge, Daphne DuMaurier, PG Wodehouse. All my favorite literature was written from 1880-1920 it seems.

Folk music, from Goodbye Old Paint to anti-folk like Regina. The Civil Wars, Jon Foreman. It's not the only style I love, but it soothes me and I feel like it's part of me.

Lurking on the web, spying on fandoms and generally benefiting from, but not contributing to Livejournal, Tumblr and the like.

Cooking food, eating food and going out for the shear enjoyment of spending money on food.
Good food. (Picture is from Song, where I really should go to waste some money.)

Anything that has anything to do with EBEs and UFOs- most importantly the X-Files and Doctor Who, but really, anything down to pajamas with a martian on it.

Crashing in a museum for hours on end to eat, chat and read. Looking at art is optional. Enjoying the atmosphere, the homeyness and the ecstatic joy from being in one is mandatory.

Basically I do not feel like cooking. Or writing. Or living from that matter.
EDIT: If you find me dead in the morning it is because the X-Files killed me with awesome. AWESOME I TELL YOU.


Brittany Ann said...

Ohh I like that room in the Met. although when I was little I basically used to just walk around going "haha butts".

And. PG Wodehouse is AWESOME-Have you read Quick Service? Spring Fever? Adventures of Sally? << his best books IMHO.

LOL the Internet picture.

guitargirl said...

Haha. The Internet picture is really true for me. I love :)