Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've been in such an X-Files/Doctor Who mood that it's hard to remember I have other fandoms. So, to prevent getting repetitive on this blog (well, it's too late for that, but I try not to be overly repetitive) I shall introduce you to a show that I very much enjoy. The Big Bang Theory.

I have never watched a sitcom before. It's always been alien-infused cop dramas, or whatnot before this. But I enjoy it. It's a fun sort of thing to watch when you don't feel like paying a lot of attention, which is the drawback to watching alien-infused cop dramas. They tend to be plot heavy.

The best thing about the show is the pretty cast, as shown above. The worst thing is that the episodes are like 20 minutes long. I'd need four back-to-back episodes to be satisfied.

Leonard and Penny are BOSS. I do not understand people who ship her with someone else namely Sheldon. They give me hope for mankind. They are schmoozey and cuddle a lot. That is something that most television relationships lack.

See? They hug a lot.

Then there is Sheldon. The socially dysfunctional brilliant one. I find his obsession with fandom slightly unrealistic, but there you are.

There is Howard, the ladies man without a lady.

And Rajesh, the Ethnic one. Sitcoms seem to always need the ethnic one.

I think you could sum this show up as Smart People Acting Stupid While Taking A Break From Being Smart, or, what genius' do with their down-time.

Last night I babysat kids I know very well in a house I do not know very well. I was sitting alone in a dark house at 10pm, realizing I was the sole protector of four sleeping children upstairs... I got really freaked out. So I turned on a Masterpiece Theater's Sense and Sensibility hosted by Gillian Anderson, desperate for something familiar. I swear, just the sight of that woman's face calmed me down completely.
Duchovny and Anderson have become old friends. Fact.


Anonymous said...

Your blog never ceases to amuse me and it gives m something to read everyday =P
I failed. My blog stinks. I need a catch like you have =) Maybe Ill come up with an idea soon.
I just had to comment XP I read everyday, and I never comment. Awesome fandom accessories a fw entries down, and a little before that, awesome fandom tee shirts =D

Michelle said...

That was me ( Michelle ). Blogger didnt recognize my name =)

Sabe said...

they only way my blog works is because i've got lots of stuff i LOVVVEEE and i think that everyone else should LOVVEE it too... so that gives me incentive, haha.

guitargirl said...

Bleak House stars Gillian too! And I'm watching it nooooow! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG I take FULL credit for your love of this show. I am so glad we were board one day and I was in charge of the mouse :D
TBBT rules.