Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tumblrs To Follow

Because everyone needs MOAR Tumblr in their life.

lilyifmylifeismine. Strange, unconventional art, textures. The occasional food or fandom image, but she keeps her Tumblr terribly original.

The Quiet World. X-Files, LOST, lots of pretty ladies, lots of pretty dudes. Also she's a Christian so she often has pretty graphics with Bible verses.

If there's iced tea in the bag, it could be love. The Mulder and Scully tumblr. It's not updated daily, but they aren't repetitive and it's always exciting when they update. Beside, d'aww.

Patterpaw. Lots of Harry Potter. And lots of general beautiful images, but not cheesy ones.

Unrealityart. Where this girl finds the art she posts here is a mystery. But she has a constant flow of beautiful, mysterious, colorful art. All sorts, all styles.

PlanetoftheVistas. She is a Doctor Who maniac, and also a VPM fan. And general pretty stuff always pops up here and there between the Rory Williams spams.

Plenilune. Beautiful Edwardian photographs and fashion, costume dramas, X-Files, LotR, Doctor Who, cupcakes, vintage illistrations. Lots of Cats-are-better-than-dogs... Basically all around good taste.

penultimateclinch. A fan of Farscape and the X-Files. But mostly, she's boss at funny graphics. And I love funny graphics.

Turn of the Century. Art, photographs, posters, fashion, advertisements, pin-ups, everything from about 1880-1920.

Purple Boots. Most varied Tumblr I follow. Literally a little big of everything.

Observations on Season 8: It does not suck so far, despite popular opinion. Scully is killing me with her sorrow. She hasn't smiled since Mulder was abducted. She hadn't anything since Mulder was abducted; she's wandering around like a ghost. I miss Mulder terribly, but not having him around is making me appreciate him and his opinions more. When Scully and Doggett are baffled I'm like, MULDER WOULD HAVE KNOWN! As for Doggett, I love him. He is sweet and calm and such a Hufflepuff.


guitargirl said...

The first time I watched The X-Files series through I HATED (Stress: HATED!!!) Doggett. I just watched the series through again this past winter/spring and I really found myself really liking him a lot. Weird how people grow on you like that.

Sabe said...

that happened to me with Juliet on LOST. i can not even express the disgust i felt towards that woman the first time around.
and now i like her...