Monday, July 5, 2010

UFOs for babies

All the best UFO junks seems to be made for babies. And it seems a bit unfair, because teenage girls have very slim pickings when it comes to martian wool caps. But at least if I ever have a baby in the very distant future I know I can raise it right.

A bib obviously.

A knitted cap. See, I'd
wear that.

An embroidered onesie.

Beautifully martian burp cloth.

It's a diaper. With a flying saucer on it. God bless etsy and their fluffy reusable diapers. (And pads but lets not go there.)

Felt alien on a onesies. Coming in peace.

A soft little martian plushie.

My brain hates me in the summer. Also I wrote a fanfiction and I think I may die of the shame. 0_o What was I thinking?!

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