Friday, July 16, 2010

Wear your fandom, proud!

Yesterday's post was so much fun I searched Etsy for more fandom necklaces!

Let everyone know the answer to the universe with this necklace. Also let them know that you are a Douglas Adams fanatic.

You can't travel with the Doctor? Let the Doctor travel with you!

If you wear this it's probably because you want to believe that people around you will get the X-Files reference.

An obscure reference to LOST, but one that a true fan will instantly pick up on. It's all about bunnies.

Pirates fan? Pretty obvious if you wear this around your neck.

Kryptonite is a dangerous substance, but wearing it around your neck may keep you safe from the meteor freaks.

Blue Sun dog-tags are a subtle but fun reference to Firefly.

Long day. No sleep. Much coffee. Doggett is a darling. Sometimes I do not understand fans, we are so needy all the time!


Brittany Ann said...

OMG LOST bunnies. WIN

guitargirl said...


Anonymous said...

I want EVERYONE of these!
It was funny, We listened to The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy when we traveled to VA this week. The boys (heck, the whole family) LOVED it. We went about say "life, the Universe, and everything" all week :D