Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Inscrutable Pair

I am going to post twice today.
First, here is a poem I found whose last lines have been knocking about in my head for a few days now. This might be the coolest thing fandom has created... after the original music inspired by Reese and Crews.

The Inscrutable Pair
by Penumbra

'M' was for Mulder, so moody and mully,
'S' was his partner, lugubrious Scully.
It was all quite inexplicable.
Frequently, something loathsome was done to a cow.

Oh, the moon shone bright on Agent Mulder,
and on his partner...
They soon learned not to drink the water,
Et o ces voix d'enfants terribles chantant la rigamarole!

Scully had her saws and trays,
Mulder had his little ways...
Details concurrent were illusions,
But William's advent drew conclusions.

Sing, O Muse, of truths ambiguous
Bore us not with plots contiguous
Conclusions unreconciliatory
Were the best part of the story.

Happy Thursday, here is me, wishing you well. My day's been good so far then again I haven't done anything since I got home from work so that is subject to change.

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