Thursday, July 29, 2010

Movies I adore in spite of myself

I have favorite movies like a normal person. And I also have those movies I love when I shouldn't and the extent of my love defies logic, etc. Like the components of the movie I should dislike but I love the whole... or something.

Juno. Let's start off with saying the script was bad. Really, really bad. But other then that it was a sincere movie that (despite the uber cute script and music and art direction) was very real and very honest. Also I'm just a bit in love with Ellen Page, but that is another problem entirely.

Star Wars Episode II. Okay, stop judging me. Stop it. I can see you laughing as I type these words. Star Wars saved me during a very dark period in my life. You know, the prepubescent, friendless, sarcastic, hormonal world of being 11.

Bleak House. Dickens, Dickens, what to do with Dickens? I've never finished one of his books. Yet I sat through an eight hour movie based on one of his most intimidating books and loved every second. I blame the fact that three of my favorite actresses ever were in it.

Another Cinderella Story. Do not ask me why but I've seen this movie six times. Every time it's on tv I watch it. Maybe I like it because Mary is not a character that kids movies often showcase. (read: smart, hardworking, not sarcastic, diligent, brave.)

Hercules. As someone who harbors great respect towards Greek mythos I should hate this movie for being so sloppy and sarcastic. But no. It's the best ever and I often run around the house screaming WON'T SAY I'M IN LOOOVEEE!

Eclipse. I loved this movie so much I think I will want to own it. The more I think about it the more I love the entire franchise. Smeyer can't write well but other than that? The whole thing is magical and fun and sexy.

Charade. This movie is all about the question of whether my love for Cary outweighs my hatred for Audrey. Cary wins and I don't know why. Also I am a sucker for a good spy movie and a sucker for 60's fashion so those things also helped to tip the scale.

Going into Union Square this afternoon! It's been too long. Halal food and Barnes and Nobles here I comeeee! Also there are only 16 hours of X-Files left including IWTB. *hyperventilates* William = Chosen One. Save us from the apocalypse! I don't care that you are 9! Dooo it!


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
thank you

Mishi1 said...

I liked Hercules too, and Juno, and Eclipse, when I shouldnt have =D

guitargirl said...

Dickens is my favorite author, but even I must admit that I didn't quite get the genius of Beak House the first time I read it through.

Herculese was like my favorite movies when I was a kid, and I Won't Say I'm in Love was my favorite song. Hahah.