Saturday, July 24, 2010

BOOK MEMES! happy dance!

Nothing like a good book meme and the chance shamelessly promote my favorites!!

1. What book have you read most times?
The Chicken Doesn't Skate by Gordon Korman must be it considering I've read that book about seven times a year since I was ten or eleven. It's just like HOCKEY AND BAGELS AND OMG!

2. What books are your comfort reading--the ones you slink back to in times of stress?
Forever Rose by Hillary McKay- the most darling stories I've ever read. And the first third of The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton for purely aesthetic reasons. The end of that book is depression and should not be touched in times of stress.

3. What was your favorite book as a child, and why?
It had many and they were subject to change but The Ordinary Princess by MM Kaye really stuck with me. It was a romance, and those were always appealing to me at a young age, and it was hardcover so it looked bigger then it was. And it was just the most charming fairy tale ever written. It still turn to it in times of hardship and am never let down.

4. What was your favorite book as an adolescent, and why?
So, I am still mostly an adolescent. But I read Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier in 2005 and it's stuck with me all these years. It was just captivating and so dense- I always find new turns of phrase on repeat readings- it's never dull.

5. What is the most unread category of books gathering dust on your bookshelf- the books you've bought but just never get around to reading?
Books about animals. Where the Red Fern Grows, Yearling, Misty of Chincoteague...

6. What kind of books would you like to say you read, but never do?
Russian lit. I love real literature, don't think I don't. And I am also a massive fan of religious fiction so one would think I'd be drawn to Dostoevsky and the like, but I can't seem to drag myself through them.

7. What's the oddest book you've ever read?
Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones. Talk about time travel. I read the entire thing twice before I could piece it together into something that made sense. You know how people talk about movies like The Fountain and Inception, and everyone is like, "I got it. Sort of. Maybe. I did though, I really did!!" That's what this book did to my brain.

8. What book were you never able to get through, despite the recommendations of people you respect?
Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Oh... this book. I tried to like you and I failed. You are a sick, twisted, pessimistic portrait of humanity without hope and heavy handed social commentary about how being sexy is important. Oscar Wilde angers me. He needed Jesus, a cupcake and some comic books.

9. What's the book it took you a couple of tries to get into, but was as good as promised once you finally made it?
I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, most definitely. It is one of my nearest and dearest now even though I started it three times before I really fell into it.

10. What's your favorite short story- or so you even have one?
Old dudes write good short stories. The Third Expedition by Ray Bradbury followed closely by Harlequin Valentine by Neil Gaiman and Winner Takes All by Evelyn Waugh. Short stories are boss.

11. The desert island. Three books. (and collected works don't count.) Go:
Downright Dencey by Caroline Dale Snedeker. The Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling. Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. Not my three favorite books ever but the three books I would need with me in such a situation. Radiant books filled with hope and love and grace. I am assuming of course that life on said desert island would suck and therefore dragging The Age of Innocence or This Side of Paradise with me would not do much good at all.

X-Files continue making me happy. Coffee continues making me alive. Do-Nothing Sundays continue to make me wish the zombie apocalypse would hurry up.

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