Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Desaturation: The new Saturation.

So, do you remember how like four years ago everything was saturated? Well now, I've seen a new trend. Desaturation. Basically when you go on photoshop and drag your mouse all the way right on the saturation tool, you just drag it left instead. Lots of pictures ahead, because I really like desaturation.

I found this picture on Tumblr, it's my favorite Starbucks treat ever, which looks even yummier when desaturated!

Rain and the wild wilderness looks like a softer and lovelier place when cleaned up with a desaturation tool.

Mulder and Scully are sexy on their own, but when the light is dampened and the tones evened out, their true beauty can come out.

Soft little lights and a calming glow makes this globe look like a feaking piece of art.

Even the lowliest of food can be given class and elegance when desaturated. Suddenly fries look like the most important thing on earth.

This girl in her pretty yellow dress looks like a princess or something, because of the soft diffused light, filtered all around her.

When the colors and light are evened out, John and Aeryn look like a romantic and sweet couple. Pity they're actually scheming to blow someone up.

This cupcake is not just a cupcake. It's a work of art. Because of that beautiful blue background. Because of the nonthreatening light source. Thanks, desaturation.

Basically, desaturation makes everything look nonthreatening. Which in today's hipster uber-polite world is all the rage. Okay, so I am on a mission to eat at IHOP this week. Wish me luck. I'll take some pictures of my pancakes and then desaturate them for you.


Anonymous said...

COOL! i like these better then saturation.
That is Ryan's fave song.

Sabe said...

which one? i linked to three of them!

Anonymous said...

Train- Hey, Soul sister.