Saturday, April 24, 2010

Keira in Vogue, 2007

I'm not like a crazy fashionista, and ever since McQueen died, I've given up hope. But I'm still female, so I still have favorite fashion shoots. Keira Knightley, in Vogue, summer of 2007. Best ever. Haters gonna hate, but I love Keira.

The styling of this shoot is just divine. And I'm kinda annoyed I can't find better images anywhere... Anyway, off to soccer practice. Not that I play, just bringing my brother. I watched Avatar last night. From a sci-fi point of view, I don't think it brought anything new to the table. The alien world was rather typical. But it was a very enjoyable, blockbuster, family film. And Jake S(c)ully was adorable and needed hugs and much love.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Keira! and i also love this shoot; also one of my favorites.

I think with Avatar the concept behind the creation of the movie, makes it so great (and I didnt like how it transitioned from the super large 3D screen, to a home tv). The story line is super lame, and predictable, but the acting was good, so it balanced out.

Brittany Ann said...

I find myself liking Keira. I guess people hate her because Elizabeth Swann is annoying...but she was great in Bend It Like Beckham and Love Actually!

I love those boots she's wearing in some of these shoots.

Melissa said...

I love Keira Knightley. I've never seen her in anything crappy (except POTC 3, but that wasn't her fault). I don't know why some people hate her! I think she made a grand Elizabeth Bennet.

guitargirl said...

Kiera's pretty cool. Baha. I like the 5th picture. ;)