Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm rude and not ginger: Redux

Okay, so past month I had a post with seven redhead characters who I just adore, partly because of their hair. But I realized then that there were seven more red head characters who I just adore.

Amy Pond, Doctor Who. Well, she's definitely new. But I like her already.

Nina Sharp, Fringe. Nina and Broyles need a romance stat. And she's way too beautiful for an old lady.

Donna Pinciotti, That 70's Show. I've only seen a dozen odd episodes of this show (all amazing of course) but Donna is the best.

Tess Mercer, Smallville. I'm really mad that she and Ollie aren't together anymore, cause they were hot. But Zod is hot too, so whatevs.

Joolushko, Farscape. Ah, my love for Jool. She tries hard, but everyone still hates her.

Captain Janeway, Voyager. Once again, I haven't seen the entirety of Voyager, but Janeway made quite the impact on little me.

Sikozu Shanu, Farscape. She's one of my favorite characters ever. She's beautiful and smart and has an unrequited(ish) love story with Scorpius.

Laundry day, eww, laundry. And I made myself a cup of coffee... and didn't put the cup under the coffeemaker, so I had a sprawl of coffee all over the counter and floor. Aren't I awesome. Fringe LAST NIGHT! So does Peter know that Olivia and Astrid knew? Poor Walter. And OMG PETER ANGST I AM READY FOR THAT.

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Brittany Ann said...

Oh Donna is the best. she's freakin beautiful and has a sexy voice. LOVE her. Watch more of that show! It's excellent.