Saturday, April 17, 2010

Really Good Christian Musicians.

There are only a few really good Christian lyricists. Jennifer Knapp. Nichole Nordeman. Jon Foreman. Leigh Nash. Matt Thiessen. Sara Groves. When they overlapped, they created a bit of a CCM Renaissance. Which didn't last very long, ah well. But their lyrics weren't just praise song after praise song, and God was never mistaken for a love interest. Their songs hit on every aspect of a Christian's life, from the times when it's easy to love God to the crisis's of faith.

Jennifer Knapp. Check out Diamond in the Rough, a best-of album. Some of my favorite songs are By and By, Romans and The Way I Am.

Nichole Nordeman. Check out Wide Eyed, her first album. What If, Fool For You, and To Know You are definitely worth listening to.

Jon Foreman. Check out Fall, for his solo stuff, and The Beautiful Letdown for his Switchfoot stuff. Your Love is Strong and Lord, Save Me From Myself are two of my favorites.

Leigh Nash. Check out This Beautiful Mess and Divine Discontent. Some of her best songs are Trust and Melody of You and of course, Breath Your Name.

Matt Thiessen. Check out Five Score and Seven Years Ago. Hope for Every Fallen Man, Getting into You, Be My Escape and Forgiven are all amazing.

Sara Groves. Check out Add to the Beauty. Some of my favorite songs are It's Gonna Be Alright, Maybe There's a Loving God and Compelled.

Musically, none of these artists are really my ~style, but I guess it's true. Listening to uplifting music uplifts you. They are encouraging, and sometimes I just read the lyrics like poems.

Today is lovely, it's almost lunch time, and I'm still in a bathrobe. Maybe this evening I'll run to Starbucks/Target for a while.


guitargirl said...

I used to really be into Jennifer Knapp. I can play "A Little More" on guitar. Relient K is awesome for lyrics.

Pixie Vixen said...

Jennifer Knapp is one of my favorite musicians, Christian or otherwise. I accidentally saw her accoustically before anyone knew who she was and she was a really sweet person too. :)

ps. i got a note that you left a comment on Gritty Sheets, but then there was nothing there... weird.