Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disney Restaurants = Disney Magic

My family can agree on two things, Disney and food. So we go to Disney World to eat, above all. Come and drool over my top 10 favorite Disney World dining spots. (We actually agree on two more things. Aliens and Musicals. And oddly, those have large parts to play while eating in Disney.)

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. Quick service in Future World. There is an animatronic alien, singing jazz. The burgers are amazing. It's always packed, and I can never get enough.

The Garden Grill. This restaurant goes around in a circle, above The Land ride. The food tastes so fresh and amazing. They have turkey with orange relish, oatmeal rolls, fresh salads...

Le Cellier. The restaurant in Canada in Epcot. Amazing steak, absolutely beautiful. I had the best cheese soup there, it was life changing. And the BREAD STICKS, I could go on forever.

Tony's Town Square. A beautiful, exquisite, Italian restaurant on Main Street. Great pastas and desserts, and it's basically torn out from a picture book.

Electric Umbrella. A quick service place in Future World, Epcot. Something amazing about Disney is that the burgers are different at every single quick service place. Oh, and it's beautiful, and right near Innovations.

The Rose and Crown. We've gone here every trip, and it's always been one of the most magical moments. Great soup and shepherds pie. THE DESSERTS. I had my first custard there.

Prime Time Diner in Hollywood Studios. Good old Americana meals, and waitress' who pretend to be family members, and force you to eat your green beans. And lordy, those milk shakes are heaven sent.

Donald's Breakfastosaurus, Animal Kingdom. My favorite breakfast buffet in Disney World. (Trust me, I've done a lot of them.) The food is good, the setting is amazing. Chip and Dale are there. And cheesy potatoes.

Sci-Fi Dine-In, also Hollywood Studios. You sit in a fake car, and eat your meal, and watch clips from B-movies. The chili was great, and I had my first moon pie there. (Note to potential Disney travelers: Never dine at Prime Time and Sci-Fi in the same day. Ever. You may explode.)

The Liberty Tree Tavern, Liberty Square. I got my own freaking GRAVY BOAT here. The salad is crazy good, I day dream about the buttermilk rolls, and the pork. OH GOD THE PORK. Not to mention it's all Colonial-esque.

This is not counting countless other Epcot restaurants, quick service places, restaurants in the resorts (Good Lord, Shutters) and snack shops which really deserve to be here.

School today, I have the house to myself. I think I'll watch some Doctor Who this evening if I have time. Burgers for lunch. I may saute some onions for that.


Anonymous said...

Question: How many of these pictures did you take?
Taking pictures of your food is one of the many little quirks that i Love about you :)

You have officially made me hungry and I am thinking of good tasty meals.
Which DR who will you watch? I gave in and bought my favorite episode of all: Tooth and Claw!

guitargirl said...

You've been awarded!

The Dorkish Redhead. said...

OMG! I'm drooling!! This stuff looks amazing!!! I went to Disney World when I was in 9th grade..and I want to go back sooo badly!

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