Monday, April 26, 2010

Unpopular LOST opinions

Some opinions regarding LOST are so unpopular if you mention them you'll get rotten fruit thrown at you. Lots of LOST fans are rude and mean people. A lot of this post is rehashing stuff I've said already, but I feel like posting it anyway.

I Love Kate Austen. I'm sorry but it's true. Poor thing was supposed to be the hero. She's brave and tries harder then any of them, even if she can never get it right. Stop calling her a whore Losties. Leave her alone.

I ship Sawyer/Kate. Five years later, still. Let me quote Fish. "...The way that Kate can read Sawyer in any universe, even a universe where he's never been Sawyer. She knew he helped her in the elevator because he wanted to keep his trip to Australia secret. Kate knows James the same way Kate knew Sawyer on the Island. Intuitively." Sorry man, that's sexy.

I think Hurley as a character has had terrible development. They don't let him change, and I feel like maybe he should.

I wish they'd stop giving us answers this season! Enough already! NO MORE ANSWERS PLEASE! I'm just too fond of my own theories. I don't like my bubble being burst.

I hope the majority of the characters die. I think that LOST is too much of a self contained story to leave people alive. Some characters can live on in your head, in fanfic, in theatrical films, in graphic novels... but I think for the characters on LOST, their roads should end when the show ends. Except for Des and Pen.

I never liked Charlie. It made me really sad when he died, but in all he was kinda annoying.

I think the time travel plot line was utterly pointless. It has no relevance in the grand scheme of things. And also it was confusing, cause it was a totally different type then the kind that Desmond experiences.

At work today the new girl was twenty minutes late and my 5-year-old sneakers, which lost their treads ages ago went out from under me so I limped home with a bloody knee in the pouring rain with a broken umbrella. PITY ME. Then when I got home I clonked out in bed, played dead for a while, then got up, groped for my glasses, made coffee and dumped ice water on my face, and commenced with MY EDUCATION.


Brittany Ann said...

Yay! Kate ftw! And srsly, Sawyer/Kate is pretty inevitable. At this point, Jack/Kate is like Harry/Hermione--NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

I don't do LOST theories. I just sit back and let 'em surprise me, so I'm never disappointed.

I agree that it's weird Hurley never changes...but maybe they want to have at least 1 static character? Everyone else changes so much. And I do not want too many more characters to die...but I definitely think a lot of them will need to go. Sayid & Claire DEFINITELY. Jack maybe--I'm for it. And awww no Charlie was adorable--and now w/out him Claire is totally loony!

And WHAT! Alternate timeline thing is my favorite part of the show now.

Sarah said...

The alternate timeline is amazing, I agree (my fav part of this season), but I feel like they could have done it without mucking around in 1970 for THREE years that we NEVER saw for more then an episode or two... idk.

Brittany Ann said...

Ok the 1970 thing was a little weird. Hard to take in like that. You have to wonder what even led them to the idea.