Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bookmarks, and not the meta kind.

They're just so awesome, so here you go. I have some cool ones. One with my name cross-stitched on from Challice, the older sister of one of my internet friends, I have a Keep Calm and Carry On bookmark, a Dumbledore bookmark... Usually though I just use other books to hold my place, it's very meta. Also because usually the book I use as a placeholder is larger then the book I'm reading... (I'm currently reading The Custom of the Country, and Pandora is currently sitting inside of it.)

It's very colorful and a little finicky.

Those metal ones scare me a little, but they're beautiful.

Very pretty and plain. Like a index card. Only fancy.

I think I really want this one.

Alice in Wonderland bookmarks! Fat and awesome!

Just amazing. Wouldn't work in a paperback though...

Desmond episode tonight. If they screw Des/Pen over I will personally go and blow up Darlton
with a grenade or two.
This summer I plan to learn three things. How to drive, how to knit and how to shoot. Wish me luck.


Brittany Ann said...

Those are some good summer plans.

Bookmarks are awesome! But I always find myself folding the page corners anyway and never fetching a bookmark.

Sabe said...

Nooooo! dogearing drives me crazy.

Anonymous said...

have to agree with you on the Des/Pen thing. We can pull a Charlotte and olive on them (when they let the rats lose in the candy store :D. So count me in!

Great summer plans, make sure you keep us updated on how they go.