Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today Is A Day...

...of very little consequence. One of those days so run-of-the-mill, I wonder if I shall remember it's existence at all. So, what exactly did I do today?

I had coffee and waffles for breakfast. They looked about a tenth as pretty as these though.

I finished The Custom of the Country. Wow Undine. You go get 'em girl.

Listened to The Beatles. We have an album of the 27 biggest hits, which I like putting on repeat.

I've spent a huge amount of today thinking about LOST. My sci-fi wired brain automatically sees the Sideways world as a Matrix of sorts. (A Human Reaction like world?) Am I way off?

School, etc, eww. Actually, I'd adore school if it weren't for college worries. I love History, Geometry and German.

I've been doing pilates regularly, which is awesome. So now I'm adding weights to my daily work outs.

Farscape, season 3. Keeping track of two John's and their separate developments is crazy. Hi Jool. I kinda like you.

Weekly LOST rant: LOST is making sense. But in all, it's more confusing that way. Cause then you have to process reality instead of dream about theories.
This episode was beautiful.
But now I see it. LOVE IS THE ANSWER. LOST IS HARRY POTTER. Love will bind the timelines! But here is the big questions. What will I do with myself when LOST is over? Six more weeks and poof. It's been on for almost a third of my life. It just seemed like a universal invariant...

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Anonymous said...

Your day sounds so normal! The next two weeks I have so much to "Do" that i would give anything for a "normal" day. I have been so stressed lately that i did an hour of yoga! an HOUR!!! my body is going to kill tomorrow.
Des/Pen RULE!!!
and i agree with your Matrix theory (even though i HATE those movies). The sideways world is more important then we think.