Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nectar of the gods, or something like that.

There is nothing like iced tea. Not sweet tea, not bottled Lipton tea. Real brewed tea, iced, with lemon and just a teaspoon or two of sugar. It's magical. Oh yeah, it's also spectacular to look at.

Epic iced tea.

Brewing mint iced tea.

Botanic Gardens iced tea.

Fancy iced tea.

Raspberry iced tea.

I had the house to myself today. I ate ice cream out of the container, wore stilettos and no pants because I could and watched Mode After Hours on Youtube. (I think I am developing a serious girlcrush on Amanda Sommers.) I did school too of course, but no one wants to hear about that.


Melissa said...
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Brittany Ann said...

Am still lol'ing over the fact that you spent the day in stilettos w/ no pants. That's AWESOME.

Sabe said...

welll. I hate pants and love stilettos!

Anonymous said...

LOL sarah! You rule! Ice tea is amazing and i liked that you dedicated a whole post to it!
Mode After Hours!!! LOL, i love Marc and Amanda!