Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have I expressed my undying love for Harvey yet?

CUZ OMG. Let me explain. Scorpius wants the wormhole tech in John's brain, so he puts a neural chip in John's brain. Then John has a mini Scorpius in his head, telling him what to do, gathering information. Eventually John has the chip removed. The problem is, an echo of Scorpius' consciousness is imprinted into John's mind forever. It's nonviolent and has no control over him, but it talks to him and pesters him. So to keep this imprint under control, John tries to make it comical, and thus Harvey was born. Harvey likes telling John what to do. He likes being philosophical. He likes playing dress up. He does not like the dumpster.

This is Harvey's death bed. Poor Harvey...

Harvey tries to explain to John how to build a WORMHOLE WEAPON.

Harvey encourages John to go talk to the imaginary pregnant Aeryn on the beach.

Harvey dresses up as an Agent of the Matrix.

Harvey thinks John needs to not want to kill him.


Harvey can be rather dramatic sometimes.

Harvey is a sweetheart who offers you chocolate cause he's just that nice.

Harvey is all like, "does my shirt really have a rocket pineapple on it?" Sorry Harv.

At work today I got off early, it was a beautiful afternoon and Mrs. Spano gave me a ride homeee! Best Song Ever.

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