Monday, April 19, 2010

At first I was like :-/ but then I was like :'D

This post is for dedicated to all those people who I love now, but used to kinda hate. Really I'm making this post so I can use the title. I love internet memessss.

Katy Perry. In this case I think she's actually gotten less annoying with time.

Fred Astaire. I really, really did not like him, or find him attractive, till I watched Holiday Inn!

Jool. She screamed too much. Her hair is funny. But really, if I lived on Moya, I'd be Jool.

Megan Fox. Long story short, there is no way to make this long story short.

Keanu Reeves. Sorry Shannon and Jamie. I see the light now. And his legs.

Lady Gaga. The Illuminate? Maybe. Whatever. I'm a full-blown stan!

Juliet. I really hated her back when she made Jack sandwiches. Then I liked her. Then she died.

School, reading a good book. Need some tea. I'm going to tell you a secret now. There might just be one last issue of True Girl this summer. Fingers crossed!


vintagegurl92 said...

i am the same way with Lady Gaga. When she first came out i HATED i cant stop listening to her!
I did notice that "WWWWAAAALLLTTT" screaming Michael did make your list :D

TG NO WAY!! If you need anything i would be glad to try and give you something! Maybe my Sr research paper as a kinda "graduating and moving on" article?

Shannon said...

Really??!?!?!! I would love another issue of true girl!! I could submit an article on Brahms if you need stuff. :)