Friday, April 2, 2010

Six Mad Things After Breakfast

It's Good Friday. I've got people coming over and a bedroom to clean and school to do and whatnot. I have no mental energy. So, here are the last 6 things I "liked" on Tumblr, all random and self indulgent. But that's what Tumblr is, right? Self indulgence?

I liked it because whats not to like?

I'm not the life of Tumblr or ONTD or any community, but I can dream, yeah?

I follow a couple of Universe tumblrs. The pictures there blow my mind.

I liked this for many obvious reasons.

She needs to copyright that expression. ©Scully!Eyebrows

Lady Gaga can be sweet and delicate you know.

Maybe I'll post about lemon curd tomorrow. You think I could find like eight pictures of lemon curd? Whatever. I like this song. Jon Foreman and Eisley are doing a show together in Texas. Of all the unfairness in the world! My two favorite artists. Together. IN TEXAS.

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