Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Guest Stars

You know, when that guy from that show has the guts to show up of this different show? And it totally throws you off for the whole episode.

Scorpius on LOST. So after the Peacekeeper wars, Scorpius obviously decided he wanted to life his life in peace, so he found another wormhole and went to earth. And became a Pa'u?

Will on Doctor Who. When I realized this, my poor brain, it was blown. Especially because Will is a sweetheart and on Doctor Who he looked so evil, omg.

Tidwell on X-Files. So he's on a date with Scully until Mulder shows up and is like, "Aliens!" And Tidwell is like, "Spooky Mulder, I do not believe you." And then of course, Mulder's right because he's always right except for when Scully's right.

Karen Davis on Lost. Although I saw her on LOST first, so it could be the other way round. Whichever one you prefer to see it as.

Grady on iCarly. This was very odd. Especially because I love iCarly, and for some reason they only ever air the chicken episode, which I hate. So maybe Grady lived in Seattle pre-So Random. I guess that could make sense.

Everyone on that Fringe episode, What Lies Below. My poor Pendrell, that dude from Aaron Stone, Charlie Crews Sr. and Samantha Mulder!

I took an SAT practice test today. This X-Files song is so epic. Hardcover books are funner to read then softcover.
Now I really want to watch some Family of Blood. I haven't eaten a proper lunch today. I am more lazy then I am hungry.

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guitargirl said...

X-Files theme music. Epic indeed.