Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My ~products.

I am very picky with what I put on myself. I find something that works, and I stick with it. So here's what I love.

Maybelline Define-a-Lash. Favorite mascara. And Richard Alpart would be proud. I use Maybelline eyeliner too.

Head and Shoulders Classic Shampoo. Do you want to stop an alien invasion? Use Head and Shoulders.

Sheer Blonde products. This stuff actually helps my hair go poof and not make me look bald. Yay!

I only use Clean and Clear any more. Their Continuous Cleanser is magic. Using only one brand, even for make-up remover, makes my face happy.

Blistex Silk and Shine. If they ever stop making this brand, I will die. I use it every few hours, no lie.

I use all Maybelline for my make-up... except for eyeshadow. Cover Girl is where it's at.

Dual Action Moisturizer. It's amazing, it's got acne control in it, so it keeps my face at a nice balance.

My little sister and one of her best friends are singing and dancing along with Justin Bieber in my bedroom. I love kids. LOST tonigh
t. Yelp. (The sound of yelping + yelling + help + yes = Yelp = Mixed emotion.)

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