Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things I Can't Stop Thinking About

This list is random so deal. Basically it's all the stuff I thought about while bored at work this morning.

Bacon. I want some. And not that microwavable stuff either.

Megan Fox. I love this girl, haters to the left.

Spectromagic Parade, the best parade in the world.

Roswell New Mexico. Oh, Katie, I almost typed Roslyn...

The Beerber Feever. I've got it, sadly. ~I was like, baby, baby, baby!~

The Plaza Restaurant. I've been missing Disney like nobody's business.

Jon Hamm is Sexy.

School. Work. Lost tonight. My cat is becoming human. Also she loves me too much, she's like a needy boyfriend.


Brittany Ann said...

What is there to love about Megan Fox? In general I don't really care about her, but her obtrusive skanky-ness is really despicable. I mean Gaga's skanky too but she has talent one could admire at least, while ignoring the personality. Megan Fox hasn't been in anything even remotely good.

And Justin Bieber w/ his glossy lips and wig-like hair and prepubescent voice braying romanticisms is the stuff of nightmares!

BUT...bacon is the food of the gods.

Sabe said...

Okay. so i obviously do not find bieber attractive, i mean, he looks like a puppy. but that song is so catchy, i do not quite know what to do with myself.
and ah megan fox... idek why i like her, i am alone in this.

Katie said...

why hate on a fifteen year old boy? it's like kicking a puppy or a kitten or something. :-( lol if I were 12 i'd be SOOOO in love with him so i guess i do have some vested interest here...

Melissa said...

I don't hate Justin Bieber. I feel sorry for him, because I know the real Justin is currently shivering in a cellar somewhere while this lip-gloss-wearing robot masquerades as him in the pursuit of human slaves!