Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's A New Month... Saturation!

Oh what the hey. It's a new month. I'm tired. Behold what may be my oddest theme yet. Really saturated images. Saturation can cover-up graininess, low contrast, pixelation and bad lighting in low quality pictures and images. It's pretty awesome, but sometimes people run amok with it. For example...


Mulder and Scully can get away with being saturated. But sheets shouldn't be green. And black shouldn't be blue. It's not natural.

Lollipops can also kind of get away with it. Because they are lollipops. And therefore can get away with anything.

This is particularly frightening. It's a cute graphic though.

Blue when saturated is pretty, it turns a pleasant shade of intense aqua. The downside is... it turns skin orange. Like almost

BONUS: I made this once upon a time... Literally to see just how saturated I could get something.

Ahh... I have such a love-hate relationship with saturated images! Okay, like High School Musical 2? Way too saturated! I don't know who let that go. I mean, Gabriella's hair was blue. It was blue! And like Sharpy's lipstick practically took on a life of it's own.
Anyway, I am SO TIRED. And Fringe is on tonight and work tomorrow at 6am and I have to take the bus blah okay goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Saturation is very cool. I would one day like to see that high school musical one.

Sabe said...

meg, the entire FILM is saturated! if you watch it side by side with any other movie, you'll see the frightening difference.