Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Zombies and Zod (pseudo-picspam)

So maybe I am the only person I know who 1: Watches Smallville 2: Gives a hoot and a half about Supermanverse 3: Ships Clois like woah 4: Finds Calum Blue sexy 5: Strives to be more like Tess 6: Didn't hate Doomsday. So maybe I already did a Smallville post back in July. Whatever. "Rabid" was an awesome episode. No one wants to fangurl with me, so by gosh and golly, I'll fangurl by myself!

"Oh, look at us harmlessly flirting here. Blah blah the Blur is so awesome!"
I want her hair. That is all.

"Oh, Lois. Your wit is truly magnificent.
And also I love you."
Question: Why does no one work at the Daily Planet but these two?

"Oliver I am so sorry that you are depressed because Lionel killed your dad and confused because you killed Lex and
guilt-ridden because couldn't save Jimmy, therefore ruining Chloe's life forever. Now get over it."
Oh get of your soap box Clark and go do something about it.

"Blah blah shut up Clark."
Wait, I'm sorry. What's happening? I was getting lost in Ollie's soulful eyes.

"I am too good for this."
Gosh Tess, just kill it with that gun I know you have somewhere on your person.

"We should know better then to investigate this."
Yes you should.

Zombie Tess just wants some brainz.

"Clark and Chloe, sit back and allow me to think deep thoughts and sort through all your problems for you. I Am Awesome."
I am in love with this dude.

"Random fist-fight noises"
Clois. Zombie slayers.

"Tell me your deepest darkest secret because we might die, okay?"
Lois you know this will not work.

"I have no deep dark secret."
Stop lying Clark.

"I am here to save you! Actually Clark, you do the saving. I'll babysit Lois."
Lol, Oliver The Zombie Killer.

"Oh Lois, I am still in love with you. Sort of. I also hate myself."
All of Smallville's most epic existentialist crisis' happen in that elevator.

"Ah! Zombie Lois!"
Oliver does a very bad job at doing what Clark says, no?

Just make-out already kthnx.

"Oh, Clark."
No, seriously.

"*is serious*"
Why Smallville writers? Why make Oliver sad?

"Oh, let me admire my fond memories of Lana."
What the what? Get off my screen Lana.

"Hi Clark! I am really happy and here to thank you for saving me!"
Never mind. The Lana moping was short.

"Hi Lois! Thank you for finally acknowledging my heroics."
This show has turned into 45-minutes-of-Clois-flirting. I don't think I mind.

"I am young and sexy. I am Zod. From the past. Bow to me."
Yes. You. Are.

This sort of.. ahem... got away from me. Oh well. Maybe next time I can control myself.


Anonymous said...

OMG! that was SOOO funny! Picspam is amazing.

Sabe said...

aw thank you. :)