Saturday, October 24, 2009

Percy Jackson is making me emo (Laundromats)

For the moment at least. Partly because the fourth book ended very sadly. (Stop fighting Percy and Annabeth, you're making me nervous. And Nico, please stop crying, you're upsetting me.) And also partly because I feel sick and therefore anything makes me emo. Blah. But the Percy Jackson books don't have illustrations and the movie isn't even out yet, so I can't post mad pictures about it. Then I thought I'd post my favorite illustrations from our Greek myth picture book collection. But, you know, I couldn't find any on Flickr or Google or like anywhere. So. Um. Instead, enjoy these pictures of laundromats. Don't ask why. (<- This is why)

We don't have a laundry machine in our house, but nor do I get to do the wash at a awesome laundromat, because our apartment building has one for us. Which is convenient, but not very magical.

But, oh joy! Our laundry room was getting redone, so for two weeks I got to do it at a laundromat! I sat in chairs like these and read Harry Potter four and drank English Teatime tea I brought from home in a thermos and had many transcendent moments.

Sadly, the laundromat near our house does not have green washing machines. (Or magic girl spirits who live inside them.)

Some laundromats are admittedly more drab and sad then others, but they all are very magical I think. It's the hypnotic whooshing of the clothes.

I do not know where this laundromat is, but it is obviously a very hip one. Ours is decidedly not hip.

Strange mirror picture is strange, yet also fascinating.

Okay that is all good night. May tomorrow be a brighter and better day.


Anonymous said...

The video is rather creepy, but cute. Laundromats are awesome. I have good memories!

Sabe said...

i know, the video is such a cool concept!