Friday, October 2, 2009

Lol Chibis Lol

Back to the source I go! I literally spend hours here when bored! Chibis are funny and cute and squishy and everyone loves a good chibi!

The infamous chibis of the infamous JesIdres!

Sooo their legs are a bit long, but they're still chibis!! KudohMiyuki

Lol ohmygosh I loves these! Ellie1616

Rosie11 named them... Small Smallvillers!

I've been in a Firefly mood as of late... lubyelfear

The Trio! By cgvickers

Dude, Fringe was crazy last night! Olivia rocked the head scarf, and eww exploding people! And poor Jean... what the cow of a mad scientist has to put up with. But did anyone else find Peter calling Liv "Dunham" really off? Has he ever called her that before? I'm confused. Anyway. Fringe is still a new fandom I guess, but I was disappointed at the lack of fanart on DA. Not a single chibi!! I should draw some maybe...

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the doctor who one!