Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lily Allen is a fashionista

She is. Here's the proof. I wish I could pull off her style. She does the big-ol-fancy-dress-with-sneakers-and-costume-jewelry so well!

This reminds me of a dress I almost bought from Forever21. I wish I had bought that dress.

The head-wrap is lovely, and she looks so nice in pink!

So very elegant, yet so very Lily!

Her pink hair days were rockin'.

I love how she pairs tacky jewelry with classy dresses, and makes it work.

The hoodie makes this.

Once again, fancy dresses and casual accessories living together in harmony!

Watch this: The Fear and 22
In other news today I did school and ate peanut butter cookies. In other other news the third season of WoWP premieres on Friday. Be there.

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Anonymous said...

The second video was awesome. The dress she is wearing is SO interesting!