Sunday, October 18, 2009


Everyone needs to love musicals. If you don't, then you have no heart and are also out of your mind and possibly a serial killer.

42nd Street, 1933. Last summer we went through an old movie craze and of the Busby Berkeley musicals we watched, 42nd Street was definitely my favorite. Ruby Keeler was adorable as always, and Bebe Daniel's was amazing and I want to be her when I grow up.

Singing in the Rain, 1952. Enough praise for Singing in the Rain can not be given. First of all, I am head-over-heels in love with Gene Kelly. And the romance is hysterical but credit must be given where it is due to Lina Lamont, who just makes the whole film.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 1953. "I'm a lonesome polecat, sad and blue. Cause I ain't got no famine polecat to be true." Ahem, greatest song ever, no? This is the most offensive and anti-feminist movie to woman out there perhaps. Yet, I love it. And it can do not wrong.

White Christmas, 1954. Some people watch Charlie Brown 50 times, or swear by It's A Wonderful Life. But for me, the best Christmas movie there is is White Christmas. It it doesn't get you in the mood for the holidays, you are a lost cause. The four-part Snow harmony in the dinning car is magic.

Bye Bye Birdie, 1663. So. Much. Better. Then. Grease. Possibly my favorite musical. The Give Me One Last Kiss number is horribly catchy and will never leave your mind. And of course, the ever-charming Anne-Margaret is in it, who my dad, by the way, was in love with when he was like ten.

Beauty and the Beast, 1991. My favorite Disney musical. It's beautifully animated, and has some seriously epic musical numbers! It won an Oscar for best picture (only animated film to have ever done so.) and therefore you must respect it! Also the Gaston is totally the best/funniest Disney song ever.

High School Musical Trilogy, 2006-2008. Hater's gonna hate. This I know. But if you could just see past your prejudice and the sub-par acting and the rather simple plots, then you can focus on just how amazing the songs and musical numbers actually are!! We Want it All is priceless and you know it.

Hairspray, 2007. Bright colors! Awesome music! Beautiful costumes! Crazy beehives! Great dance numbers! Wahoo!!! Once again, just stop hatin' for a minute and embrace the love. And it has James Marsden in it, so it sort of has to be good.

Jose Chung's From Outer Space tonight! Boo-yah! Everyone needs to watch that crazy. "One of them was disguised as a woman, but wasn't pulling it off. Like, her hair was red, but it was a little too red, y'know? And the other one, the tall, lanky one, his face was so blank and expressionless. He didn't even seem human. I think he was a mandroid."

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