Monday, October 5, 2009

Everyday websites

Some sites I just check every single day, even if it's for 2.5 seconds and I leave disappointed and updateless. But I'd guess everyone has sites like these, right?

Groovy Smoothie. Yeah. So, I gotta keep up with my iCarly news. This is not a bad thing.

ONTD, because sometimes you need a little celebrity gossip, and ONTD has it all.

io9: We come from the Future. News, reviews, morning spoilers, updates, all sci-fi. It also keeps you up with the newest technology and freaks of the week, like the bald sloth.

Wishful Vintage, the blog of my very dear friend. She doesn't update nearly enough (ahem) but she posts some gorgeous stuff.

Facebook. For obvious reasons, and I think everyone goes to facebook!

NY Times. Sure their reporting on politics and current events are flawed, but I'm sworn off politics anyway. Their slide-shows, movie reviews, articles on art and fashion and pop culture is where it's at.

Of course there are others. Jezebel, Binsybaby... I usually check Ack and Patrol and Salon daily as well. It's a kind of cold and drizzly day, and Lily Allen is keeping me company as I trudge through my school... but it's 6pm and I've only got math review left, so I'm doing pretty good! I should catch up on Smallville tonight. Tally-ho.

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Anonymous said...

AAAAWWWW...i feel flattered! I will try to update more often!