Monday, October 26, 2009

Diane Kruger Is Purty Awesome

She is like my role model (despite the fact I don't want to be an actress or anything lol), and also her fashion sense is amazing, and she's purty and also, I mean, come on, she's Josh Jackson's girlfriend!!

Really nice dress, really nice boyfriend.

One of my favorite of her dresses. It's so classy and dated (in a good way.)

Another one of my favorites. Maybe it's because she has really nice legs, but she looks so good in full skirts!

I know everyone including the Fug Girls (whose world is usually LAW) hated this dress, but it's really nice! It's all Grecian/Roman inspired and the neck is gorgeous.

I have nothing clever to say. Just enjoy the picture.

I feel the need to pimp this, even though no one really reads my blog, but if you happened across this page today while wandering the world wide web, please pay attention.
Two acquaintances of mine are writing/illustrating this awesome web serial Three of Swords. It has a magical little girl, and it's sort of steampunk and sort of fantasy and sort of meta and there are two really hot guys, Tom and Lucien, so feel free to pick one to have a crush on.

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