Monday, October 12, 2009


Personally, I don't really like vests. When girls wear them with jeans, tee shirts and sneakers, they just look all wrong to me. I know they're mad hip now, but I won't give in. I mean, they are pretty, but they aren't warm and they aren't necessary, and are practically really big necklaces that cover your whole chest... Men on the other hand can wear vests all day long and I wouldn't complain.

Fancier vests are nice...

And if you want to go casual with a vest, then wear it open. Like Selena here.

Or like Rachel Bilson.

Loose hippie vests especially irk me. It only makes you look rather homeless.

These I'm cool with, because they're dressy.

Also, while wearing a vest, cover your boobs. Only Rihanna can do this.

PSAT in two day. I wish I had taken it as a Sophomore...

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Anonymous said...

Vest rock! I have 3 myself.