Friday, October 9, 2009

Music: The Mall Edition

If it wasn't for background music in clothing stores, I would have never found/fallen in love with some of my favorite artists!

Kate Nash- Foundations. I heard it first in Forever 21, and loved it so much, I repeated one of the lines to myself for the whole day at the mall until I could go home and google it. Kate Nash is one of my favorites now.

Bird and the Bee- The Races. Actually I first heard of Bird and the Bee from Matt Thiessen's blog, but I'd only listened to Again and Again. A few weeks later at Victoria's Secret, I heard The Races. I recognized her voice, went home, googled them, and listened to all their stuff!

Corinne Bailey Rae- Put Your Records On. I'd heard of her before of course, I first really notised Put Your Records On in Macy's. I wrote the song name down, and lo-and-behold, googled it, and fell in love with Corinne!

Goldfrapp- A&E. My sister and I were wandering around American Eagle on 34th street, when I heard this really weird song. I looked up at the tv screen where they play music videos and saw Goldfrapp, dancing with tree people. It intrigued me obviously, so I wrote down the name of the song to googled. Seventh Tree is one of my favorite albums now.

Hellogoodbye- Here (In Your Arms). First heard it in Forever21, and adored it, but promptly forgot the words, so I had no way of finding it, which drove me crazy for weeks! Then my dear friend Mishi, on a whim, had me listen to some Hellogoodbye, and there it was! I was so happy!

Dido- White Flag. Actually, I first heard White Flag in a Margaret/Thornton music video. Please, don't inquire too closely as to why I was watching fanvids... Anyway, then I forgot about it. I heard it again in NY and Co, and remembered to look her up. This time I did not google anything. I youtubed it instead.

Today is very gloomy... I want a DD latte. I shall resist temptation however, and save my money. Also, how kick-ass was Fringe last night?!? Dude.
I love how Livvy is basically Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker or Taran. She is "The Chosen One." And Peter is just the happy-go-lucky side-kick. Talk about reverse gender-roles! I'm loving it!

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Anonymous said...

Forever21 has the best music! And google is the bomb.