Monday, October 19, 2009

Everything i want to say

This is dedicated to everything I want to post about, but don't actually have enough to say about to merit an entire post.

Hot cocoa is almost as good as tea and sometimes even better then coffee...

Norah's new song is heavenly, and I can't wait for this cd. I never get tired of her music, and it's the only stuff that can rid me of scary thoughts before bed.

Math is hell and it's killing me.

I love Pirates of the Caribbean, am a super sekrit Orlando fangurl and despite my best efforts, I get gooey over Will/Liz.

I have an obsession with roadside diners. Really, just any diners.

Lastly, I feel terrible for being almost a week late, but his birthday was last Tuesday, on the 13th. HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY SPOOKY MULDER.

The end.

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Sabe said...

This post deserves a comment purely because both Will Turner and Fox Mulder are in it, so duh, it's the sexiest post ever.

Shun those who disagree.