Monday, October 12, 2009

German Food: my favs

Deutschland, Deutschland, uber alles Deutschland! Yeah. German food. Yum.

Rouladen. My favorite German dish. It's bacon, onions and mustard wrapped in thinly cut beef. It's a real meat fest! Mom has never attempted this one, but I guess that's what restaurants are for, right?

Sauerbraten. Another one of the best German dishes. Basically its pot roast, but its marinated for a few days beforehand in vinegar and seasonings. And you mix gingersnap crumbs in the gravy for a magical sweetandsour experience.

Wiener Schnitzel. Basically veal cutlets. Only the German kind. They are very good slathered in mashed potatoes and gravy.

Potato balls! They're like mashed potatoes with lots of thyme, balled up and baked. They're good. And also you put a crouton in the middle of them.

German potato salad. It's the best potato salad in the world because it's heavy on the vinegar, and has absolutely no mayonnaise at all. None. Also it has bacon in it. German people are not afraid of meat.

Schwartzwalder Apfelkuchen. Best dessert ever! It's a thick and buttery crust, with apple halves layered in it, covered in a spicy custard! Ours only looks vaguely like the one pictured...

German Plum Tart Thingy. I don't know the proper name for this... but it's really good! Picture the Schwartzwalder Apfelkucken, but with plums instead of apples and a lighter custard.

This is me embracing my heritage and stuff! You must embrace your heritage and stuff! Zugestimmt!

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